Christian Fiction Book Club to Read: “The Crystal Cavern” by Hannah Alexander

"The Crystal Cavern" by Hannah AlexanderThe Crystal Cavern by Hannah Alexander

(Also titled Hidden Motive)

Series: The Healing Touch

Book #4

Someone has murdered Sable Chamberlin’s grandfather, and she’s next on the hit list. Can she escape the killer if she and her rescuer, Paul Murphy, can find a way back to her secluded home in the Missouri Ozarks?

When an ice storm strands them at their hideaway with a busload of suspicious strangers, Sable and Murph can trust no one but each other. The only hope they have of escaping her grandfather’s tragic fate is uncovering the secret he was keeping from his family and exposing the identity of the mastermind behind the evil. But danger lurks in every shadow…

Join the Christian Fiction Book Club to discuss The Crystal Cavern on Wednesday, July 13, at 10 am at the Camdenton Library. Christian Fiction Book Club meets at 10 am on the second Wednesday of the month. 

Regular print, large print, and audiobook versions of The Crystal Cavern are available for pick up at the Camdenton Library. 

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