Osage Beach Library Cookbook Club

Are your meals in a rut?

Do your neighbors know what day of the week it is by what you are cooking for dinner?

Shake up the shopping list!

Surprise your family, friends, and yes, even your neighbors by joining our Cookbook Club on the third Tuesday of the month at 2 pm at the Osage Beach Library.

The Cookbook Club is similar to a regular book club, as you get to check out a cookbook, read it, skim it, or lavish all of your attention on it, but instead of just a discussion, we get to enjoy the fruits of your labor from these books. Or break open that recipe card box or that beloved, food-stained cookbook handed down for generations to share tried-and-true family favorites.

A fresh and original way to put the classic advice of Joy of Cooking to work — illustrated and designed in a beautiful and easy-to-use new book.

With legendary baker Rose Levy Beranbaum’s foolproof recipes-which feature detail-oriented instructions that eliminate guesswork, notes for planning ahead, ingenious tips, and other golden rules for success-it’s easy to whip up a batch of irresistible, crowd-pleasing cookies anytime, for any occasion.

Come holiday time, there’s no better way to celebrate than by baking up some special cookies. In Christmas Cookies Whimsical Bakehouse, mother-daughter bakers Kaye and Liv Hansen share their most enchanting cookies, from simple to showstoppingly beautiful. These irresistibly pretty cookies are perfect for snacking and gifting, decorating the tree, and of course, leaving for Santa.

So, how does it work?

Simple, we invite attendees to choose a recipe that fits our theme, prepare a regular-size sample of the recipe at home, and bring it to the library to share on the day of our meeting. Oh, and we encourage you to bring a copy of the recipe. We can make copies of it to share with everyone.

On the day of the potluck, we invite participants to bring in their dishes. We will then sample everyone’s culinary works of art. After sampling, we will discuss the food, the recipes, the processes you may have used, any unique kitchen gadgets you may have needed, and any other tips or suggestions it might have been handy to have at the time of cooking.

We invite patrons to come in and borrow one of our chosen cookbooks, peruse one of your own, or search the internet and select the recipe you would like to prepare. So that we don’t end up with duplicate recipes, we ask that you call (573-348-3282) or email Kendra (kendrap@ to let us know what you will bring.

Get ready for the holidays with this special collection of Southern Living holiday desserts, featuring cakes, candy, pies, cookies, breads, and more.

Who knew gluten-free could be so yummy? Whether you are one of the 3 million Americans with Celiac disease or just looking for more healthful food choices during the holidays, Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies fits the bill! Along with 125 delicious recipes, this book gives information on gluten-free basics, creating a gluten-free kitchen, information on gluten-free flours, and more.

Everyone loves a cookie! Whether you go right to the chocolate or are more of a buttery shortbread fan, there’s a special cookie here just for you.

Our themes are as follows:

August: Summer Fresh
Tuesday, August 16 | 2 pm
Choose a recipe that screams summer! It can be BBQ-friendly, something that is refreshing after a long hard day, tailor-made for a day out on the lake, or a sweet, ice-cold drink (non-alcoholic).

September: Easy Snacks
Tuesday, September 20 | 2 pm
With kids returning to school, what better way to greet them when they get home than to have an easy, tide-them-over-’til dinner snack ready for them to scarf down? Or you might choose a snack recipe that is perfect for weekend card games or family game nights.

October: Spooky Treats
Tuesday, October 18 | 2 pm
What a trick it would be if we didn’t have ghoulish treats to share! What’s your scariest, silliest, most horrific treat?

November: A Feast for All
Tuesday, November 15 | 2 pm
Of course, we want to perfect our Thanksgiving dishes before the family arrives. Let us be your guinea pigs! The choice is yours, from grandma’s tried-and-true recipes to something new and exotic!

December: Yum! Cookie Exchange
Tuesday, December 20 | 2 pm
Who can resist the call of flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and vanilla on a cold day? Not us! We invite you to share your favorite cookie recipe with us.

Christmas is a special time of year when loved ones travel from all over to spend happy times together. And when people gather, there’s plenty of food and fun to be had. Set the scene with all the trimmings, including glorious desserts! Inside this bookazine, you’ll find inspirational, step-by-step holiday treat ideas to make and share with family and friends. Plus, there’s a variety of DIY gifts that are sure to delight those lucky enough to receive one.

Here’s a festive holiday baking book to celebrate this very special time of year. Sarah Kieffer, author of 100 Cookies, beloved baker behind The Vanilla Bean Blog, and creator of “bang-the-pan” method offers more than 50 delicious recipes for seasonal brunches, cookie swaps, and all those Christmas, Hanukah, and New Year’s Eve parties.

The Pillsbury Editors have collected 155 delicious, kitchen-tested and totally reliable recipes, plus activities and kid-pleasing crafts so you can spend more time creating special holiday memories together.

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