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Are You Contemplating Homeschooling Your Children?

With the state of schools and how they will operate this upcoming school year amid a global pandemic, many parents choose to homeschool their children. However, many parents find themselves wondering where to start, what requirements Missouri has about homeschooling, and where they can find resources to help them in this journey.

Did you find yourself nodding to any or all of these thoughts?

Don’t worry; you aren’t alone, and we hope that the following resources will help you navigate the journey you are about to embark on or are contemplating.

What requirements does Missouri have about homeschooling?

Learning about Missouri’s requirements and statutes for homeschooling can be a frustrating, confusing, and time-consuming quest as you try to narrow down your search. We have found the following links to get you started. Fair warning, when searching the Missouri Revised Statutes (RSMo), the term “Home school Law” is not used, and these statutes can be found under “Pupils and Special Services” title of Chapter 167 (RSMo).

Please keep in mind these are to be used for informational purposes.

RSMo 167.031 – School Attendance Compulsory, Who May Be Excused – Nonattendance Penalty – Home School Definition, Requirements – School Year Defined – Daily Log, Defense to Prosecution – Compulsory Attendance Age for the District Defined

RSM0 167.042 – Home School, Declaration of Enrollment Contents – Filing with Recorder of Deeds or Chief School Officer – Fee.

RSMo 167.051 – Compulsory Attendance of Part-time Schools

RSMo 167.061 – Penalty for Violating Compulsory Attendance Law

RSMo 167.071 – School Attendance Officers in Seven-Director Districts, Powers and Duties, Powers of Police Officers in Certain Areas

RSMo 210.167 – Report to School District on Violations of Compulsory School Attendance Law – Referral by School District to Prosecutor

RSMo 211.031.4 – Juvenile Court to have Exclusive Jurisdiction, When – Exceptions – Home Schooling, Attendance Violations, How Treated

Do you need some help deciphering the legal jargon?

The following resources may be able to help understand what these statutes are outlining.

Disclaimer of Liability – The material and information contained on this website are for general information purposes only. You should not rely upon the material or information on the website as a basis for making any business, legal, or any other decisions.

Homework Resources for All Ages and Classroom Types

Whether you have decided to homeschool your children or not, the following resources can be used to supplement your child’s curriculum or help your child with their homework.

For Children

Elementary (K-6)Middle SchoolHigh School
Khan AcademyKhan AcademyKhan Academy
Starfall (K-3)Legends of LearningGrammar Bytes
Legends of LearningNoRedInkHippoCampus
Brains On!HippoCampusNOVA Labs
Wow, in the World PodcastNOVA LabsInteractive Simulations
Interactive SimulationsInteractive SimulationsDesmos
Sight Reading for MusicDesmosMusic Theory
NASAMusic TheorySight Reading for Music
IXL LearningSight Reading for MusicNASA
Read Theory – Improve Reading ComprehensionNASAIXL Learning
Listening ComprehensionIXL LearningRead Theory – Improve Reading Comprehension
Mystery ScienceRead Theory – Improve Reading ComprehensionListening Comprehension
Crash Course (YouTube lessons from licensed instructors)Listening ComprehensionCrash Course (YouTube lessons from licensed instructors)
Camden County Library District Educational ResourcesCamden County Library District Educational ResourcesCamden County Library District Educational Resources

For Parents

Parents, the following resources are for you to help build your curriculum or supplement your child’s learning from school.

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